Sandusky’s Isaiah Margheim loses state title match

COLUMBUS — Returning-state champion Josh Lehner, of Lexington, may not have worked any harder all season than he did against Sandusky’s Isaiah Margheim on Saturday night in the state championship match.

But it wasn’t enough to keep him from winning his second straight championship.

Lehner defeated Margheim 6-1 to cap off a perfect 52-0 season with the Division II 195-pound state championship at the 76th annual OHSAA Wrestling Championships.

“I’m proud of what I did tonight. I made him work tonight,” Margheim said. “I’m not exactly disappointed, because there’s nothing more I could have done.”

It was the second time the two met this season, with Lehner winning the first match 6-3. Margheim, though, had something to hang his hat on heading into the match.

In their first meeting, the Sandusky sophomore scored a takedown on Lehner. It was the only takedown the senior gave up all year.

“I was trying to get him off balance again, but it didn’t seem to work at all in this match,” Margheim said. “I didn’t want to shoot a shot and then get stuck under him, costing me more than what I already had.”

In the first period, Margheim was able to stay on his feet, and didn’t give up a takedown of his own, enabling him to go into the second period tied at 0-0.

Lehner was in the down position to start the second period, and quickly scored an escape followed by a takedown to go up 3-0.

“I was still fighting. Even though he put me on my back, I wasn’t going to quit,” Margheim said. “I wasn’t going to let him pin me.”

While he didn’t give up the pin, Margheim struggled to get back to his feet the rest of the match. Lehner scored three back points late, but wasn’t able to get the pin.

“He was strong. To be honest, if he was about my size, I probably would have beat him,” Margheim said. “That was the only thing he had over me was he was way stronger than me.”

Another reason Margheim wasn’t over disappointed with the loss was because he still has two more years left in his high school career.

“I’ve got two more years,” he said. “I’m going to work 10 times harder next year to get higher than I am now.”

While many may have been surprised that Margheim was able to make it to the championship match as a sophomore, in his first appearance at state, his coach wasn’t.

“With his work ethic, it doesn’t surprise me at all,” Sandusky coach Casey Harrington said. “He’s one of the few members of our team that comes in and lifts before practice. In the last couple of weeks he’s been the only one. He puts in extra work at practice.”

Harrington sees a bright future ahead for Margheim.

“We’ve got second place now around our neck, we’re shooting for number one,” Harrington said. “If my motto is improvement, we’ve got to get number one. With our offseason and in-season work next year, I think we’ll get it.”


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